How to increase the return on your investment in writing for high-visibility publications

Once you publish an article in a high-visibility publication, you’ll want to make the most of that initial success. Writing for publication gets your ideas in front of a new audience, increasing your visibility. It differentiates you so you stand out from the crowd, and it gives you a great deal of credibility with your audience.

But it’s hard to realize these benefits if you don’t continuously promote your articles (and ideas) in several ways. Here’s how to get the greatest return on your investment in writing for high-visibility publications:

1. Syndicate your articles.

Most (though not all) high-visibility publications allow you to syndicate your articles after a short waiting period. Syndication is the practice of republishing an article to other websites, including your blog and third-party platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, and Thrive Global. Syndicating your articles allows you to get your work in front of a lot more people.

2. Promote your articles and status as a contributor.

Regardless of whether you are allowed to syndicate your articles, it is important to promote your articles and your status as a contributor to your audience. Here are a few ideas:

  • Share your articles with your email subscribers and online communities, including social media platforms, Slack channels, and other online communities.
  • Add the article to your list of Publications on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share individual articles with other experts in your field, mentors, advisors, trusted colleagues, clients, or prospects — especially if you recently had a conversation about the same topic.
  • Share individual articles in the chat on a Zoom call if it directly addresses someone’s questions or concerns.
  • Add the publication’s logo to your website and link it to your author page.
  • Include the logo or name of the publication in your email signature.
  • Add the logo or name of the publication to your social media and community profiles.

3. Repurpose your articles.

Although promoting your articles is a crucial step in enhancing your visibility, paywalls and algorithms may impede the effectiveness of your efforts. That’s why it is also essential to repurpose your articles. For example, you might:

  • Combine a compelling image with a quote and share what inspired you to write about that topic.
  • Create an infographic that captures the process outlined in your article and share it on your blog and across your social media channels.
  • Write a series of social media posts that elaborate on each key point you made in the article.
  • Create a slide deck outlining the main points of your article and share it on LinkedIn.
  • Record yourself reading a key point of the article and create an audiogram to share across social media.
  • Use your article as inspiration for a short video, LinkedIn live, or podcast episode, and link to the article in the description.
  • Combine several articles on the same topic into a short ebook to use as a lead generation tool.

Writing for high-visibility publications is incredibly valuable. One article can inspire a prospective client to sign up for a lead generation offer or a potential partner to reach out and start a conversation.

You can significantly improve your chances of attracting that type of attention by syndicating, promoting, and repurposing your articles so you can share them with your audience multiple times. And if your articles are evergreen, continue to share them over time.

Why not make the most of the time and effort you’ve already invested in writing articles for publication?