Demystify the publishing process.

I created the SILVA Method™ to help consultants identify, pitch, and write for the high-visibility publication that will best serve their business goals. Each of these three-hour workshops focuses on a specific stage of that methodology. You can take these workshops individually or register for all five. Enrollment is limited to 10 participants, and the workshops are recorded.

Whether you sign up for one workshop or all five, your total investment in these workshops will be applied to Pathway to Publication should you choose to enroll within one year of completing your first workshop.

This woman is twice as brilliant as she says she is!

“This woman is twice as brilliant as she says she is! I am dead serious. She knows so much about high-visibility publications. I am constantly learning from her and I’m a visibility expert.”

N. Chloé Nwangwu, The Brand Scientist, NobiWorks

Select Your Publication

Choosing the right publication to pitch is much easier when you have a roadmap tailored to your goals and objectives. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Create a roadmap to identify the publications that will help you reach the right audience and achieve your business objectives.
  • Learn how to determine whether a publication is a good fit for your writing style and brand.
  • Review a curated list of publications, evaluate each to compile a shortlist, and identify a publication to pursue first. 

Workshop Fee: $500.00

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Illuminate Your Body of Work

One of the most common challenges contributing writers have is knowing what to write about next. Defining your body of work and developing an editorial calendar helps. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Define your body of work, starting with the overarching idea at the core of your consultancy.
  • Identify the main themes encapsulated by your overarching idea.
  • Brainstorm topics that address each theme and develop an editorial calendar with article ideas that address these topics and demonstrate your experience-based expertise.

Workshop Fee: $500.00

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Level-up Your Writing

If you want to make the writing process faster and easier, you need to understand how articles are structured and how the four steps in the writing process work together. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn how articles are structured and review six common types of articles to determine which ones best suit your writing style. 
  • Understand the four steps of the writing process and how they work together.
  • Develop one article idea with a working title, clear objective, and simple outline.

Workshop Fee: $500.00

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Erica was so generous sharing her knowledge and advice.

“Erica was so generous in sharing her knowledge, advice, and checklists post-masterclass. If you want your writing to become a tool for your consulting business, I highly recommend that you get to know her.”

Randye S. Spina, MBA, Founder, Marketing on a Mission

Validate Your Ideas

Writing for third-party publications validates your ideas. To succeed, you must understand the pitch process and the publication’s needs and use that information to craft a compelling pitch. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn how to identify article topics and angles that capture an editor’s attention. 
  • Craft a compelling pitch that demonstrates your expertise, perspective, and the value you’ll provide to the publication’s readers. 
  • Discover when and how to follow up with the editorial team and what to do if your pitch is rejected. 

Workshop Fee: $500.00

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Accelerate Your Authority

Your work doesn’t end once your first article is published! Learn how to make the most of every published piece to open the doors to new opportunities. In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Specify the business goals underlying your decision to write articles for publication.
  • Learn how to promote, repurpose, and syndicate your articles to maximize the return on investment.
  • Create a simple plan of action to help you use your articles to achieve your business goals..

Workshop Fee: $500.00

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