Build awareness, increase visibility, and become the obvious choice.

Writing articles for high-visibility publications is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise, expand your influence, and magnify your impact while differentiating yourself from your fellow consultants. If you have insights to share, I can help.

It’s not enough to be great at what you do; you must be known for what you do.

I will teach you how to write, pitch, and publish articles so you can share your message with the right audience. Each published article builds your body of work and your reputation as a leading expert. As your reputation grows, you will attract more of the right projects, the right partners, and the right opportunities.

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Select publications featuring client articles.

Give voice to your BIG idea.

Your BIG idea — your bold, insightful, and galvanizing idea — is the foundation upon which you are building your business and reputation. My SILVA Method™ helps you give voice to that idea. It is at the heart of everything I do.

Credibility Catalyst™

A series of interactive workshops that give you the information you need to start writing articles for publication.

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Pathway to Publication™

A small-group intensive focused on writing, pitching, and publishing articles in select high-visibility publications.

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Authority Accelerator™

A selection of one-to-one services that help you develop and implement a publication strategy tailored to your business goals.

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Are you ready to raise your profile?

Pitched to Published™ is a free monthly gathering to discuss how writing for industry trade journals, association publications, and business magazines builds your authority and differentiates you from your peers. I start each call with 15 minutes of training before opening the floor to questions.

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Upcoming Events

Two opportunities to learn more about how publishing for high-visibility publications maybe the secret weapon your marketing needs to expand your awareness and build a stronger reputation.

Pitched to Published

A free monthly gathering to discuss how writing for industry trade journals, association publications, and business magazines builds your authority and differentiates you from the competition. This event includes a mini-training and Q+A.

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Writing to Build Authority

A 90-minute workshop to learn how to develop your perspective, share it with the right audience, and build your authority by writing for high-visibility publications. Enrollment is limited to ten participants.

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Embolden your community.

Do you have a community of consultants interested in raising their profiles by writing articles for high-visibility publications? I’d love to share my signature SILVA Method™  with your mastermind, group program, or online membership community. They will learn how to identify, pitch, and write for publications that will help them reach their business goals. I’ll work with you to tailor the engagement to your community. Regardless of the format, it will be interactive, thought-provoking, and fun.

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Hi! I’m Erica.

I started my career as a litigation attorney in Boston. I loved the legal research and writing, but I could do without clients and opposing counsel. I credit my legal training with teaching me how to ask the right questions, craft a persuasive argument, and communicate complex ideas with power and clarity. 

For the last two decades, I’ve worked as a copywriter, grant writer, ghostwriter, writing instructor, content marketer, freelance writer, and editor for private companies and professional associations. 

I’ve been on both sides of the pitch. I know how to capture an editor’s attention.

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Erica helped launch my publication experience

“Erica helped launch my publication experience in an efficient manner and empowered me with the skills and information to do it on my own. She is incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and ​funny — which makes working with her valuable and fun. Even after we completed our work together, she continued to celebrate and champion my successes, which went beyond my expectations.

Dr. Robin Buckley, Cognitive Behavioral Coach